31 WAYS 31 DAYS August 2021

Pandemic to Prosperity: State of Black Business 18th edition and the monthly Journal of Black Innovation give policy makers, entrepreneurs, investors and consumers a complete state by state implementation breakdown for Our10Plan: the African-American economic strategy:
  • reaching 100,000 African-American owned federal contractors
  • growing African-American firms with employees to 350,000
  • increasing Black manufacturing firms to 25,000
  • achieving $100 billion capitalization for Black-owned banks
  • leveraging the African Continental Free Trade Agreement to boost trans-Atlantic trade
  • incorporating the Caribbean Single Market Economy with U.S. economic development
  • supporting legislation to require transparency for public companies on equal opportunity
  • removing anti-competitive barriers to the growth of African-American firms

Keep ahead of the competition for the Diaspora Economy

80 countries, 50 states, 3 million entrepreneurs

$900 Billion Boost

Unveiled in 2015 at the National Black Caucus of State Legislators, Our10Plan sets a path to grow African-American aggregate income to 10 percent of US GDP by the end of the International Decade for Peoples of African Descent in 2024.  Our recommendations in the annual State of Black Business with its Ten Key Factors for Black Business Success have been incorporated into federal and state policies with an unprecedented infusion of capital in 2021.  Learn how we are implementing the plan in places like Central Brooklyn's Brownsville neighborhood through OWN Brownsville.

Empowering the Overlooked Overachievers

the founders

Experience, Wisdom, Courage, Commitment

Two Howard University alumni who traced their ancestry to the 18th century in the United States back to their West African roots founded National Black Business Month 18 years ago with an announcement at the National Urban League conference in Detroit.   Weeks later, John William Templeton would endure the death of his younger brother at the hands of police, underscoring the need for economic justice.  Frederick E. Jordan is known as the "lion of Black business" as the country's premiere African-American civil engineer, with 1,000 projects globally, including the cranes and terminals in the Port of Oakland and San Francisco's Museum of the African Diaspora.  Templeton is founder of ReUNION: Education-Arts-Heritage, the African-American children's educational channel and author of 60 books.  Through NBBM, they led the passage of ACA 5 through the California legislature in 2020 to repeal the ban on affirmative action and work with communities globally to provide professional expertise on policy that creates economic fainess.  Black Enterprise featured them in 2010 and 2015 for their accountability system--Black Business Affinity Index--that rates all 50 states on their climate for Black entrepreneurship.
cutting to the chase

It starts with health

More than 450,000 African-American businesses are in health and social services and more than 250,000 are in professional, technical and scientiic fields.  Fewer than one percent are participating in federal contracts with the practical result that African-American populations have not been tested or vaccinated.  NBBM is focusing on the effective utilization of tens of billions that the Congressional Black Caucus has fought for to address the disproportionate impact of the pandemic and on meeting the unmet need of Africa and the Caribbean for vaccines.  The World Bank, Africa CDC and members of the House Foreign Services Committee will address those challenges during 31 Ways 31 Days.  The Dr. T. Nathaniel Burbridge Center for Inclusive Innovation highlights healthcare innovators who have been restricted from accessing capital.

Forget rhetoric, make results

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