John William Templeton has lived and studied African-American history back to his family's origins in the Songhoy Empire.   50 years after desegregating a school in 1967, he has the perspective of having witnessed as a journalist and historian the most dramatic changes in American history .   25 years ago, he wrote Our Roots Run Deep: the Black Experience in Califfornia, Vols. 1-4, which revealed the black queen who gave California its name.  Now, he's captured the African-American history of every state which ratified the most important event in African-American history--the 13th Amendment in the book and instructioanl series Road to Ratification: How 27 States Tackled the Most Challenging Issue in American History.  If you seek justice in learning, you must see the authentic lived history of his books and tours.

Education is social change, through the Cultural Mastery tours and training of John William Templeton, curator of the California African-American Freedom Trail.  He takes Teachers for Social Justice delegates on a consciousness-altering tour of th e origins of California and public education in the state on Saturday, Oct. 7, or the overflow date of Oct. 14.

Learn about the ReUNION series Come to the Water: How African-Americans Put California on the Map beginning January online for California schools.  Here, SFUSD Office of Pupil Services visits the site dedicated to the black millionaire who started California's first public school.